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Can You Drive a Parishioner to Mass Each Week?

We are asking again for parishioners to volunteer to drive senior parishioners to Mass each week. There are a number of parishioners who are unable to attend Mass as they are unable to drive or have no one to drive them.

All that is asked is if you can buddy with one of these parishioners and pick them up from their home for Mass and take them home each week. It would only mean going a few minutes out of the way each week but would be an act of charity and kindness to those who otherwise may be unable to attend Mass.

At the moment, there are around ten parishioners who could do with your help in this way so we are looking for ten people to offer their help.
If you would like to be a part of this and help out fellow parishioners, please speak with Fr. Andrew after Mass.

Please consider helping out in this way. It would mean a great deal to those who otherwise cannot get to Mass.