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Good Friday Cross Walk 2024! Volunteers Needed!!!

The Good Friday Cross Walk will return this year!

As in previous years, we are asking for people to offer their houses as one of the stations along the way, where we will stop and pray outside for a few minutes before going on to the next station.

If you live on Grimwood Street, William Street, or The Trongate and would like to offer your home as one of the possible stations, please speak with Fr. Andrew or contact the parish office during the week. We can then look at how we can include your home in the route planned for the Good Friday walk.

We are also looking for people to volunteer as marshalls to help along the way. The role of the marshall is to help us safely cross roads and to guide people along the route.

In this way, we can safely carry out this noble work in honour of Our Lord as we commemorate His saving Passion.